Genetic testing company in the market with a $4 million equity offering

Kailos Genetics, Inc., provides solutions for medical genetic testing specifically for the identification of gene sequences and mutations. Its flagship product TargetRich is a diagnostic kit consisting primarily of nucleic acid primers and reagents for use in genetic testing for research purposes. It utilizes Nested PatchPC technology to enrich genomic regions of interest for next generation sequencing. The company is also coming out with Kailos Blue a cloud environment for investigators to manage their NGS workflow, analyze sequences post-target enrichment and actively utilize their stored data.

The company is currently raising $4 million in equity without the help of a placement agent from at most 40 investors. Kailos previously raised an estimated $7.5 million in equity via two financing rounds in November 2010 and December 2011 from ATV among others. Kailos is headquartered in Huntsville, AL and was founded in March 2010. It is led by Brian Pollock (CEO), Troy Moore (CScO), Michael Walters (CStO) and Randy Bachmeyer (CTO).


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