PocketProtein an energy drink marketer raises $250,000 in equity

PocketProtein, Inc. raised $250,000 in equity out of a direct $750,000 offering. It is estimated that the company raised $5 million in a prior round in November 2011. It recently incorporated in DE after registering as an LLC in August 2012.

The company distributes a liquid nutritional supplement consisting in significant part of protein (whey protein isolate and collagenic protein). The concept behind the energy drink is that “startchy carbs” turn into sugar and fat if not metabolized properly. The drink would help the body to metabolize cabs into energy. PocketProtein is available in Berry Boom and Sneaky Strawberry and retailing for $28.99 for a 10 pack. As an over the counter dietary supplement, the drink is not subject to approval by the FDA.

PocketProtein is headquartered in Tampa, FL. The executive team encompasses Stewart Lyttleton and Michael Kauffman (founders) as well as Giovanni Valiante and Mark Long (spokesperson).


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