VirtualU, Inc. raised $150,000 in equity from 8 investors

VirtualU, Inc. is in the market with a $500,000 equity offering. No placement agent was hired for the offering which has a minimum investment threshold of $15,000 per investor. It is estimated that $60,000 of the offering’s gross proceeds will be paid toward founders’ salaries. The company, founded in May 2012, is headquartered in Blacksburg, VA and was converted from LLC in August 2012. It has no revenues yet.

VirtualU, Inc. builds scanners to digitalize human bodies as well as consumer products in order to integrate them into interactive online environments. The company also offers rendering solutions and user interface (UI) to improve customers’ experience while apparel shopping online, specifically recommending the right size and rendering clothes on models with accurate physics. The company, advised by Gucci, focuses on the fashion, fitness, and gaming industries. It was founded and is led by Louis Cirillo (CEO), Caroline Pugh (COO) and Nicholas Gagianas (CMO – Chief Modeling Officer).

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