Industry Dive, Inc. raised $500,000 in equity and debt offering

After placing in full a $400,000 equity offering in January 2012, Industry Dive, Inc. completes a $500,000 placement of equity and debt instruments among 6 investors. Both offerings were direct placements.

The company, founded in November 2011, is headquartered in Washington, DC. It is lead by co-founders Michael “Sean” Griffey (CEO), Ryan Willumson (COO) and Eli Dickinson (CTO).

Industry Dive, Inc. offers free mobile apps for iPhone and Android as well as websites for executives  “on the go” to keep up with industry specific main trends and news. The sites also feature original content and aggregate data items filtered by industry such as stock prices, jobs, tweets etc…Each industry has a dedicated website and mobile app while the template and feel remain the same. Industries include: construction, education, food, marketing, retail, utility and waste. The company also offers marketing services that leverages its industry specific newsletters’ subscribers and platforms.


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