Virtual music teacher, Playground Sessions, Inc. raises equity

Playground Sessions, Inc. formerly known as ZAG Music Group, Inc. raised 90% of its $750,000 equity offering from nine investors. A prior offering for $500,000 in debt was launched in October 2012. Both offerings were placed directly without the services of a placement agent.

The company designed a downloadable educational application (app) to learn how to play the piano while playing popular songs. It combines elements of gaming, such as real-time feedback and scoring, with modern learning techniques an engaging learning environment. The software company recommends to own a Midi or USB keyboard to take full advantage of the services such as progress visualization, otherwise it can be used for arrangements, print sheet music and access video song tutorials.

The company provides a choice between becoming a member for $10 per month ($15 per quarter) or purchasing apps which prices range between $2 and $90. The application features also a music store.

Playground Sessions, Inc.,founded in October 2010, is located in New York, NY and is lead by Christopher Vance (CEO). Directors include Neil Munn and Andrew Howlett. It includes as owners David Sides and jazz legend Quincy Jones who is Chief Creative Officer. Alex Ness and Dr. Byron Adams are among the company’s contributors and originators.



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