Noteworthy financings

Fanergies LLC lead by Bernhard Schuler, raised $100,000 via a direct debt offering. The company was solicited to volunteer information on its product and did not send any at this time. It can only be assumed for now that the stealth company is working on a way to cut energy bills hence reduce carbon dioxide emissions and therefore increase energy efficiency. Its moto “Power your world with the energy you waste”. The company, founded in 2013, is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Sportwater Beverages LLC founded in March 2013 and lead by Peter DiMartino and Albert Lian, raised $650,000 in equity out of a $700,000 offering. No placement agent was retained as part of the offering. It seems the company could be developing a few products related to the beverage industry. Based on a patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which includes as inventor Albert Lian and is related to: “a mountable dispenser. More particularly, the invention relates to a can or bottle gravity-feed dispenser mountable on a surface, such as a refrigerator door”, the company might be developing beverage shelves/feeders or merchandisers. Theory further re-enforced by Lian’s connection with NYSCO Products LLC. Otherwise the pair might be simply developing a beverage as a defunct/abandoned trademark registered by Lian suggests: “Sport Water 360” which good and services description includes: Bottled drinking water; Flavored waters; Sports drinks; Sports drinks containing electrolytes. Time will tell.


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