Mobile to web server communication software developer, 3PMobile, closed a $50,000 equity offering

5o9, Inc., which does business as 3PMobile, successfully raised $50,000 via an equity offering from three investors.

The company develops and markets a communications software for enhancing the exchange of data and information on computer and wireless networks, the internet and mobile devices. 3PMobile’s (which stands for Privacy, Performance and Personalization) product “Choice” is a web browser that enables real-time data (device data, location data, network data, user information and preferences) to be exchanged between mobile devices and web servers, therefore combining web services flexibility and affordability with the rich user experience of native mobile applications (app). In other words “Choice” would in principle alleviate the need to develop a mobile app for a company’s workforce or customers.

509, Inc. is headquartered in Boulder, CO and was founded in January 2006. The company is lead by Peter J. Cranstone (CEO), Elizabeth A. Coker (VP Marketing, Sales & Business Operations) and Kevin J. Kiley (CSA – Chief Software Architect).


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