Company revolutionizing chromatography raised 30% of its equity offering

Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems LLC (IMCS) thus far has raised $150,000 of its expected $500,000 equity offering from four investors. The company is looking for seven more investors at most. No placement agent was retained for the transaction.

Chromatography is a lab technique for the separation of mixtures, it may be done for two reasons: either to remove components (purify) or to measure the relative proportions of components. IMCS’ purpose is to commercialize a micro-extraction technology for rapid and quantitative detection of biomolecules in complex solutions such as oral fluid, urine or blood. According to William E. Brewer, one of the founder, “It’s like “Finding Nemo” in the sea faster than any current technology would allow.”. The company also owns patents related to pipette designs.

The company was founded in May 2012 by L. Andrew Lee (President), William E. Brewer (Analytical Chemistry) and Qian Wang (Chemical Biology and Biomaterials). IMCS is currently a resident at USC/Columbia Technology Incubator. Dr. Lee and Prof. Wang are already partners at A&Q Nano.

A presentation on the current company status and products is available at innoventure.


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