Matchmaker for local nonprofits raised $20,000 in equity

GIVINGtrax, Inc., focuses on empowering local communities and help individuals, businesses and nonprofits meet on the cloud. It provides web- & mobile-based tools for managing donations, corporate giving, cause marketing, volunteerism and fundraising. The cloud based service enables nonprofits, individuals and companies alike to make and track financial donations, view databases featuring lists of donors, receive electronic thanks for donations, share media, browse local causes and market them. The service is free for individuals and nonprofits while companies pay a monthly fee.

The company, headquartered in Tacoma, WA., placed the equity offering with one investor.

GIVINGtrax was originally founded in August 2010 under the name GIViNG gets RESULTS LLC. It was registered in Delaware under its current name in April 2013. The company was founded by Karrie Hungerford (CEO), Lance Hungerford (CFO) and Courtney Titus (CMO). Kai Sounthala was recently named director of development.



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