NYC online real estate brokerage firm with a twist raises $190,000 in debt

RealTech Holdings Inc., which does business as Suitey, raised 40% of its $500,000 debt offering. No placement agent was hired for the debt placement. It is the first major fund raising event for the company which appears on Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator‘s roster.

Suitey is an online real estate brokerage platform which offers a comprehensive search, display and associated services for renting or buying an apartment in New York City (NYC). The firm compiles the most comprehensive NYC listing which is displayed on a map. Properties can be saved and visited with the same agent who is paid on client satisfaction, not commission. To round the experience up, a concierge moving service is available upon closing. The online service is currently in beta.

The company, headquartered in New York, NY, was founded in January 2013 by David Walker (CEO) and Philip Lang. Richard “Rich” Littlehale founder of Elm City Labs sits on the board of directors.

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