Genetic engineering company in the market to raise $700,000 in equity and debt

Benson Hill Biosystems, Inc., raised $250,000 in equity and debt from one investor. The company handled the placement without hiring an agent. This offering brings the estimated total amount raised by the biotech company to $550,000 so far.

The company focuses on developing and marketing genes encoding trait that boots yield for major crops such as corn, soybeans and rice. According to the company its products are designed for sustainable agriculture to feed an ever growing population and the US bio energy policy. It is difficult to envision how more of the same will alleviate current environmental and public health challenges.

Benson Hill Biosystems, Inc., headquartered in Cary, NC, was founded in June 2012 by Matthew “Matt” B. Crisp (CEO and President) and Thomas “Tom” P. Brutnell (CSO – Chief Scientist Officer).


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