Indian social and dating networking service raised $400,000 via mezzanine offering

Ignighter, Inc., does business as StepOut, raised 70% of its mezzanine offering from six investors. No dealer or broker was associated with the placement. The company which was founded in 2008 raised up to now an estimated $7.7 million in equity and mezzanine securities. A host of venture capital firms have backed the company over the years and include: GTI Capital GroupTribeca Venture Partners (formerly GSA Venture Partners), Founder Collective and Point Judith Capital.

Ignighter, Inc. despite being headquartered in New York, NY, focuses solely on the Indian market. The company started to do so in early 2011, time at which it was re-branded as StepOut. The company manages a social networking platform which allows users to find people sharing the same interest in their area.

Ignighter was founded in August 2008 and was a TechStars’ startup accelerator. The company is led by Adam Sachs (CEO), Daniel Osit (COO) and Kevin Owocki (CTO).


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