Product information management software developer launched $400,000 debt offering

ClaraStream LLC, already raised $75,000 from three investors. The company hasn’t hired a placement agent for the offering and is looking for another 13 investors at most.

ClaraStream developed and markets an e-commerce product information management software. The application integrates with shopping cart platforms (only with Magento for now) to ease product information data entry and maintenance. It automates data uploads using directly vendor information and provides formatting tools for consistency.

The software is marketed following the software as a service (SaaS) model or simply pay-as-you-go. The company provides four subscription options ranging from starter ($49 per month) to enterprise (price not disclosed). The limitations for each subscription is related to the number of products that can be managed (1000 for starter) and the number of users.

The company, headquartered in Chicago, IL., was founded in August 2012 by Matthew Tortora (CEO) and Brian Thibault (CTO).

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