Ex-vivo organ perfusion services company completes $800,000 equity placement

PERFUSIX USA, Inc., successfully raised $800,000 from one investor. The company did not use a placement agent for the offering.

The company, headquartered in Greenwood Village, CO., develops processes and devices, known as Ex-vivo organ perfusion (EVOP), that restore essential and normal metabolic function to an organ otherwise considered ineligible for transplant. In other words the organ continues to perform as if it was in a body and a successful EVOP procedure will result in the organ becoming suitable for transplant. The company is commercializing a technology that is addressing the ballooning shortage of organ suitable for transplant, would improve recipients quality of life and would reduce cost associated with post-transplant care.

PERFUSIX has currently a center in Toronto, Canada, offering ex-vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) and is planning to open a center in early 2014 in the US. The EVLP cleared clinical trial in Canada and is under an FDA trial in the US. The company is developing similar services for livers, hearts, and kidneys.

The company was registered in the US in 2011 and is lead by Chris Jaynes (CEO), Tim Klug (COO and CFO), Dr. Shaf Keshavjee (CMO – Chief Medical Officer), Dr. Marcelo Cypel and Dr. Tom Waddell (both Directors of Clinical and Research Programs).


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