Novel pharmaceutical manufacturing company raised $265,000 via mezzanine offering

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., raised 52% of its expected $500,000 mezzanine offering. Ten investors participated to the direct offering.

CONTINUUS is an early stage pharmaceutical manufacturing company that will apply new state-of-the-art small-scale process technologies that can be integrated into a seamless manufacturing process. This represents a major shift from the current batch and step-by-step industry standard. In other words it enables “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with major advantages in lead time, quality, and above 30% in cost reduction. The company’s technology allows to manufacture a finished product in two days using a single facility ten times smaller than the existing “batch” plants.

The company, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a spin-out of the Novartis-MIT center for continuous manufacturing. It was founded by Salvatore Mascia (CEO) in January 2012. Bayan Takizawa is head of development and operations.


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