Rainapps, Inc. raised $150,000 via equity and warrant issuance

Rainapps, Inc., completed a $150,000 offering from one investor. No placement agent was hired in conjunction with the offering.

Rainapps develops tools for companies and individuals alike that leverage social network platforms. The company first launched applications (apps) like “rainframes” which surrounds a video post with a custom designed frame, “rainslides” which surrounds photos to provide a richer photo viewing experience and “saycheese” an Android camera released in 2011.

The company re-centered itself around three different business models. “Zazado” is a social site combined with a  camera app. Features include: staging site, personal media players, user-controlled advertising and social show-and-share among others. “Olive tree ad network”  is a digital ad network and marketing agency geared for celebrities, bloggers and businesses with over 50,000 fans. “Catapult” is an enterprise tool for video email campaigns and list management.

The company, headquartered in Orem, UT, was registered in February 2010 and changed from limited liability company to incorporated in 2012. It was founded by Robert Adamson, Lani Adamson and Aaron Johnson.


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