British web archiving company raised $300,000 from US investors

Hanzo Archives Ltd. (Hanzo) raised $300,000 from two US investors via a non-brokered equity private placement. This is the first time the company is tapping the US market.

The company provides commercial website and social media archiving solutions for enterprises and agencies alike. Hanzo Archives’ technology allows clients to access their entire historical web presence within a browser and reproduce the original content and user experience of their original websites, social media accounts, intranets and email correspondence among others. This archived content can also be exported for distribution to other parties or integrated into third party archives. The company combines forensics and metadata with native format client-side web archive, with full playback of all formats of pages, embeds, navigation and links, video, Flash and forms.

Hanzo, headquartered in Egham UK, was founded in January 2005 under the name MCK 106 Ltd. The current name was adopted in September 2005 and the company opened its San Francisco, CA subsidiary in August 2011. The company is lead by co-founder Mark Middleton (CEO), Mark Williamson (CTO), Jim Donahue (Business development), Shuba Rao (Business operation), Patrik Dibdiak (Technical operations) and David Cathcart (Development). Julien Masanès, director of the European archive and renown for his publications on web archiving, sits on the board of directors.


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