Orthopaedic surgical tool designer in the market with $1 million private placement

SonicSurg Innovations LLC is in the market placing $1 million worth of equity via a non-brokered offering. The company is looking for at most forty investors. A similar equity offering was successfully completed in 2011 raising nearly $1 million in less than five months. $100,000 of the proceeds have been earmarked to be paid toward finder’s fee and $130,000 will be allocated to general and administrative expenses.

SonicSurg develops and commercializes products for the orthopaedic upper-extremity surgical market. Its current product “Trigger Tome” is a medical device designed to perform an office-based and minimally invasive surgical procedure for “stenosing tenosynovitis” a condition commonly known as “trigger finger”.

The company, located in Lakeland, FL, was founded in August 2009 by Brian M. Jurbala a board certified orthopaedic surgeon. In addition the team includes: James S. Phillips (President) and Joel S. Norenberg (VP – sales & marketing).


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