Mobile video app launched a $500,000 mezzanine offering

Montaj, Inc. is out with a $500,000 mezzanine private placement, 8% of which has been successfully placed with one investor. No placement agent is used in conjunction with this offering. The company over the last year offered an estimated $3.1 million, 12% of which was mezzanine securities. According to TNW, actor Adrian Grenier is among the company’s backers.

Montaj developed and markets an iOS mobile application (app) which allows users to shoot, shake (the editing or “montage” part) and share videos right from their iPhone. The app aims at “cutting” through the tedious editing part so the user focuses on creativity. The video is instantly edited with a shake of the apparatus and shared via a social platform. The application is free and available for download for iOS, an android version is in the work. It is unclear how the company plans on monetizing the app at this stage.

The company was originally named Triparazzi, Inc. as its focus was “on the go” video editing and sharing while on a trip. It is located in New York NY and was founded in April 2011. Montaj is lead by Demir Gjokaj (Co-founder and president), Daniel Long (Co-founder and chairman), Arunava Biswas (COO) and Zoltan Fekete (CTO).

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