Mobile payment solution for the hospitality industry unveils $1 million mezzanine offering

Zuldi Co. hit the market placing 2% of its $1 million mezzanine private placement with one investor. The investor might well be the accelerator Tech Wildcatters. The non-brokered offer will be on the market for a year. This is the first known US private placement initiated by the start-up.

The company developed and markets an iOS application (app) for hospitality industry’s patrons to pay and even split their tabs using their mobile device. The payment processing system is integrated via cloud with the main global point of sale (POS) systems.

Zuldi, headquartered in Las Vegas NV, was founded by Hartej Singh Sawhney (CEO) in March 2012. The executive team includes Gal Dolber (CTO) and Amrit Judge (Business development).



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