Cloud app for high net worth individuals is in the market

Wealth Access, Inc. started its fundraising for a $600,000 equity private placement. The company raised an estimated $500,000 via debt issuance since 2012. The offering will remain open for a year.

The company developed a cloud-based secure platform for high net worth individuals, their advisors and estates. The application besides offering customizable dashboards to track one’s wealth, features permission-based sharing which allows the user to control who sees what. The platform is PCI DSS certified as a level one service provider and relies on Thomson Reuters and Lipper for portfolio related information. There are three plans available: “Investors” for $100 per month, “Advisors” for $300 per month and “Estate” for $1000 per month.

Wealth Access, headquartered in Nashville TN, was founded by David Benskin (CEO) in April 2011. The executive team includes: Ken Colson (CTO), Chris McGanity (COO) and Craig Spengler (VP Business Development). Alvi Abuaf head of CAPCO’s North American wealth and investment group, sits on the board.


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