Student success SaaS company raises $690,000 via Series A financing

Copley Retention Systems, Inc. nearly completed its $740,000 Series A financing placing $690,000 with six investors. The company is backed by Lauren Walters and Junction Investors Ltd. an investment firm majority owned by Thomas R. DiBenedetto . A portion of the Series A preferred stock issued is related to the conversion of debt into equity.

Copley Retention Systems  developed a  “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solution, called “Copley Square”, that facilitates and increases student success in higher education. Copley uses social networking to unite students on their preferred media such as on demand video and smartphone applications. The company has deployed its solution on more than fifteen campuses and has state contracts with Louisiana and Wisconsin.

The company, located in Weston FL, was founded in March 2010 by Keith Clougherty (President) and Edward “Ed” C. Clougherty (Chief Retention Officer). The executive team includes: Benny Vargus (Sales), Ed Gilmore (Technology) and Mark Bernstein (Marketing).


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