Lead certification platform completes $1 million equity private placement

Lead Intelligence, Inc., known as LeadiD, successfully closed a $1 million non-brokered financing round within a month. One investor participated to the private offering. Including this financing, the company raised an estimated $2.8 million thus far. LeadiD is backed by Genacast Ventures a seed stage firm which was the lead investor in the company’s 2012 financing round.

The company offers a platform designed to validate and certify the origin and history of lead data. In other words the platform aims at providing transparency for buyers and suppliers of lead data and offers a trusted environment where integrity related to data quality prevails. Buyers have access to high quality information and reduce their operating costs while suppliers can monetize their data at its real and intrinsic value. The company positions itself as an identifier provider for the industry where the lead id (created by LeadiD) is the key primary symbology driving data management by lead buyers.

LeadiD, headquartered in Gwynedd Valley PA, was founded in 2012 by Ross Shaken (CEO). The executive team includes Manny Wald (CTO), John Trionfo (Operations), Tom Shriver (Sales), Rob Rokoff (Business development), Malcolm McLeod (Product development), Natalie Stopko (Marketing) and Lauren Jacobson (Client development).


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