Cloud workflow app for RIA closed on $50,000 equity financing

cloudRIA, Inc. raised $50,000 via a non-brokered equity offering. One investor participated to the placement. The company raised an estimated $270,000 since its inception.

The company offers a platform designed for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). The cloud based service aims at simplifying, aggregating and integrating tasks and applications (apps) into workflows.  The platform allows users to keep the apps that work and complement them with integrated solutions such as Client Relationship Manager (CRM), compliance tools or custodial integration. All are then accessed by users from the web browser. The company is offering a free account for the first 150 customers.

cloudRIA, headquartered in Seattle WA, is lead by Ran Terwedo (Founder and CEO). The company started in 2008 and was registered under its current name in April 2012. Raymond Ko is part of the executive team which manages between eleven and fifty employees. The company declined to disclose its 2012 revenues.


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