Lumber brokerage platform completes $400,000 financing

Woodbrowser, Inc. announced the final close of its $400,000 equity offering. Nine investors participated to the non-brokered private placement which was fully subscribed within a month. This is the first known US placement initiated by the company.

What MedPassage is to medical devices, Woodbrowser is to lumber. The company designed an e-commerce platform to bring transparency to the lumber market. The platform allows users to buy and sell truckload quantities of dimension and board lumber. It simplifies procurement and lowers cost for buyers while providing a transparent market place for sellers without the interference of a third party. The company monetizes the platform by charging a fee to the seller who wins the bid.

The company, headquartered in New London NH, was created in 2012 and is lead by Charles “Chuck” W. Gaede (President), Matthew “Matt” G. Hagerty (COO), Timothy Ingraham (VP Logistics and Inside Sales), Ben Freidlin (CTO) and Steve Nurme (Buyer Sales).


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