Social discovery app for business connections raised $360,000

Hereonbiz, Inc. successfully completed its $360,000 offering of convertible promissory notes. The non-brokered placement was initiated more than three months ago. This is the first known offering initiated by the company on the US private placement market.

The company developed a mobile application (app) for iOS that focuses on empowering business professionals to see other professionals around them, make connections, chat, and meet on the spot.

A similar social discovery app named Anomo was in the market in late June and raised $305,000. While Anamo’s primary market is dating, that app can be used to make business connections as well. The app garnered an estimated $800,000 in financing.

The company, headquartered in Calabasas CA, was registered in 2012. No revenues were reported for the latest fiscal year. The executive team includes Nicholas “Nick” Smoot (Founder, Marketing), Allen Hartwig ( Founder, Product CTO) and Dom Vonarburg (Founder, Infrastructure CTO).

Offering recap
Status: Completed/Final close
Company: Hereonbiz, Inc.
Industry: Other
Amount offered: $360,000
Amount placed: $360,000


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