Electrokinetic energy harvester closed on a $710,000 mezzanine financing round

Accio Energy closed a $710,000 mezzanine round with four investors. The company raised an estimated $5.65 million in debt and equity since early 2010. The company was originally backed by Automation Alley and the Frankel Commercialization Fund.

Accio Energy commercializes a patented technology known as “aerovoltaic technology”. The technology harnesses the electrokinetic energy of the wind without any moving turbine blades, in other words it harvests static electricity from the atmosphere. In July the company secured the patents for the technology and is fast approaching the development of its first economically viable product.

Accio Energy, located in Ann Arbor MI, was founded in 2008 and is lead by Jennifer Baird (CEO and co-founder). The executive team includes Dawn White (Co-founder, President and CTO).

Offering recap:
Status: Closed
Company: Accio Energy
Industry: Other Energy
Amount offered: $710,000
Amount placed: $710,000
First Sale: 10/15/13


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