2013 Review – Growth by State since 2010

State 2013

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing data visualizations leveraging 2013 year end data. Over the year we have seen companies relocating to certain cities after being accepted in an incubator or accelerator program. There has been many initiatives launched over the years by governing bodies to attract seed stage companies, even in other countries such as Chile or Brasil. Worldwide the number of incubators is estimated to reach 7,000. We wanted to analyze the situation and look at growth in terms of total amount offered via an offering on or below $1M. Click on the image to access the interactive data visualization.

According to the National Business Incubation Association there were 1,250 incubators in the US, 93% of which are nonprofit organizations focused on economic development. 47 percent operate in urban areas, 25% in suburban areas, and 28% in rural areas. 32% are sponsored by academic institutions, and 41% are sponsored by a government or an economic development organization.

Offering sizes are adjusted to take into account offering decreases or increases reported by the company in follow-on filings. Offering sizes are generally accounted for at the time securities are sold for the first time or if launched at the time of disclosure. Follow-on placements in indefinite offerings are not counted as a new offerings. Variations in amount raised reported in follow-on filings are accounted for at the time of their disclosure. Public companies are not included. Security issuances related to mergers or business consolidation were excluded.


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