Late filer Second Chance Beer Co’s offering attracts eighteen backers

second chance beer coSo far eighteen investors participated to late filer Second Chance Beer Co‘s $1 million non-brokered financing round. Financial backers bought last September 39% or $390,000 worth of equity. The offering will remain open until September 2014 while an additional $610,000 worth of securities is sold to investors. This is the first time Second Chance Beer Co is selling securities under a registration exemption.

Second Chance is a San Diego based microbrewery lead by Brewmaster and President Martin “Marty” Mendiola. Mr. Mendiola has received many awards, among others: bronze medal for his American style amber/red ale (World Beer Cup 2010), silver medal for robust porter (Great American Beer Festival 2010) and bronze medal for his Irish-style red ale (Great American Beer Festival 2010). The microbrewery is just starting out so no revenues were reported by the company. The executive team includes Curtis Donovan Hawes.

Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Second Chance Beer Co
Industry: Manufacturing
Amount offered: $1 million
Amount placed: $390,000
First sale: 2013-09-20


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