Local Market Launch reports the successful completion of its equity issuance

local market launchLocal Market Launch placed $1 million worth of securities as part of a non-brokered equity financing round. The placement which started a few days ago, attracted a total of eleven subscribers. Up to now Local Market Launch had raised an estimated $1.07 million in unregistered securities via one financing round. Rincon Venture Partners, an investor specialized in web-based businesses,  is among the company’s financial backers.

The company developed and markets a scalable dashboard solution to create, maintain, and monitor business listings and local presence across digital channels such as yellow pages, yelp, and search engines. The solution is especially relevant for national brands that cannot effectively manage local listing of their numerous storefronts.

Brian Coryat (Chief Executive Officer) leads the Santa Barbara CA based company which was registered in 2013. Mr. Coryat is the founder of ValueClick and Web-Ignite. Local Market Launch elected to keep its revenues undisclosed. The board of directors includes John Greathouse and Steven Umberger.

Offering recap
Status: Completed/Final close
Company: Local Market Launch
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $1 million
Amount placed: $1 million
First sale: 2014-02-07


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