$27 million first close filed by late filer Fuhu, creator of the Nabi tablet

fuhu$27 million was raised by late filer Fuhu according to information filed with the SEC. The company initiated a first close after selling 42% of its planned $65 million unregistered private offering. The non-brokered equity securities started to be sold to six investors almost a year ago. The offering will remain open until June 2014 while an additional $38 million worth of securities is sold to investors. The company last filing dates back from 2008 and three concurrent filings were reported today. The company is backed by ORIX Ventures which provided growth capital.

The company filed a flurry of filings today. Though none of the offerings are recent and way above our usual threshold for reporting, they give a better understanding of how much was raised by the company since 2008 and that in itself was worth sharing. The company is the creator of consumer electronic devices designed for kids. The company flagship product is a line of tablets called Nabi. The tablets have built in parental controls that feature among other setting time limits, reporting and analytics as well as website restriction. Tablets start at $99.99. The company also developed accessories such as headphones and an HD camera.

The company is headquartered in El Segundo CA. Revenues above $100 million were reported by Fuhu.
The executive team includes James Mitchell, Peter Coleman and Robb Fujioka.
The board of directors includes Annie Morita, Darwin Chen and Ronald Chwang.

Fuhu has apparently filed three concurrent offerings to raise $40.97 million. So far the offerings fetched $38.04 million.
The company has raised an estimated total of $66.54 million via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Fuhu
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $65 million
Amount placed: $27 million
First sale: 06-14-2013
Data as of: 04-18-2014


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