Nu-med Plus disclosed full placement of its $130,000 offering

Change: offered +0% / raised +160% / placed 100%

num med plusNu-med Plus initiated the final close of its $130,000 equity offering. It appears the investor behind the close is the same as disclosed in the company’s latest filing six months ago. The investor’s original commitment stood at $50,000. Up to now Nu-med Plus had raised an estimated $125,000 in unregistered securities via one financing round.

The company develops and commercializes products around its proprietary nitic oxide gas formulation platform.  According to the company, nitric oxide gas has the potential for treating diseases from malaria to the common cold. Inhaled nitric oxide dilates the pulmonary vessels, lowers pulmonary artery pressure, and restores ventilation/perfusion balance in the lungs without significantly affecting the systemic circulation or blood pressure.

The company, headquartered in Salt Lake City UT, is led by Jeffrey L Robins (CEO). No revenues were reported by the company.

The executive team includes Craig W Morrison and William Grant Moon.

In a concurrent filing, Nu-med Plus disclosed having raised $122,000 in a fully subscribed offering.
The company has raised an estimated total of $377,000 via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: Completed
Company: Nu-med Plus
Industry: Biotechnology
Amount offered: $130,000
Amount placed: $130,000
First sale: 10-28-2013
Data as of: 04-30-2014


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