$175,000 financing final close reported by Laser Light Engines

laser light enginesLaser Light Engines reported the successful completion of its $175,000 unregistered debt financing. All the securities were subscribed by three investors. First commitments were received a few days ago. A total of eleven unregistered securities offerings closed by the company raised an estimated $44.78 million. The company is backed by Braemar Energy Ventures, Harris & Harris Group and IMAX.

The company is a manufacturer of ultra-high brightness laser illumination systems for performance digital projection, such as 3D cinema, large venue and rental/staging. The system replaces the traditional high pressure gas discharge lamp, and according to the company produces brighter and sharper images, with less energy use and lower costs. The company sells directly to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators.

The company, headquartered in Salem NH, is led by John O’hara (President and CEO). Laser Light Engines kept its revenues undisclosed.

The executive team includes Ronald P West.
The board of directors includes Dennis Costello, Jiong Ma and Richard Post.

The company has raised an estimated total of $44.96 million via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: Completed
Company: Laser Light Engines
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $175,000
Amount placed: $175,000
First sale: 05-01-2014
Data as of: 05-05-2014


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