$24.58 million raised so far by Next Step Living via private placement


next step livingNext Step Living disclosed selling 85% of its $28.9 million non-brokered equity offering to twenty-one investors. The sale started on June 9th according to the document filed at the SEC. Based on the offering’s structure, the company has until June 2015 to raise an extra $4.32 million. A total of eight unregistered securities offerings closed by the company raised an estimated $46.74 million.
The company is a provider of home energy evaluations and solutions for individuals and organizations. The company’s energy advisors help customers figure out how to make their houses more energy-efficient. They explain the incentives, benefits and financing options available. And the company will offer to do the work necessary to implement the advisors’ recommendations. Financial backers include Black Coral Capital, Massachusetts Green Energy Fund, VantagePoint Capital Partners, and The Windquest Group.
The company is headquartered in Boston MA. Next Step Living elected to keep its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Arjun Rao, Brian Greenfield, Claire Broido-johnson and Geoff Chapin.
The board of directors includes Dennis Costello, John Devillars, John Mcquillan, Lee Burrows, Rob Day and Sean Ladley.

The company has raised an estimated total of $71.32 million via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Next Step Living
Industry: Energy Conservation
Amount offered: $28.9 million
Amount placed: $24.58 million
First sale: 06-09-2014
Data as of: 06-23-2014

For more information visit www.XDATA.co


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