Tosk closed its equity security offering after increasing its fundraising cap

Change: offered +7% / raised +230% / placed 100%

XDATA – August 22nd 2014

toskTosk closed its unregistered equity offering after increasing the placement’s size by 7% to $5.45 million. The offer closed after the company raised $3.8 million from sixty-two additional investors within a little over a year. At closing, a total of seventy-four investors had subscribed to Tosk‘s offering. The company closed two unregistered private placements which raised an estimated $7 million.

Tosk develops drugs for debilitating and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and psoriasis. The company’s current drug discovery and development efforts focus on applying the optimizing market drug (OMD) technology to discover cancer chemotherapeutic side-effect-reducing agents.

The company, headquartered in Mountain View CA, is led by Brian Frenzel (President and CEO). Revenues on or below $1 million were reported by Tosk.
The board of directors includes Charles Garvin and Harold Crow.

The company has raised an estimated total of $12.45 million via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: Completed
Company: Tosk
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Amount offered: $5.45 million
Amount placed: $5.45 million
First sale: 12-16-2011
Data as of: 08-22-2014

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