XDATA now available on qbeats

XDATA_2014_LOGO_2__VECTOR XDATA is pleased to announce its premium source of curated VC financing and private placements is now available on qbeats on a Pay-2-Read and subscription basis. Qbeats’ platform delivers actionable news, analysis and research from expert sources in real time. Its Pay-2-Read technology enables users to create their own personalized news stream and pay only for the content that matters most to them.

In a week’s time XDATA published on qbeats 360 private placements covering $2.2bl offered, $1.8bl committed, and $100 million in additional commitments disclosed via amendments. Among the transactions that went vastly unnoticed this week by the press were:

Hamilton Insurance Group’s $250 million equity placement

– $28 million raised by Bitcoin exchange itBit

– NY-based Indian eCommerce platform Hopscotch issuing $10 million in equity

…to name only a few. XDATA was also first to disclose MongoDB’s $80 million financing round.

XDATA makes Reg D relevant. Focusing on operating companies, it surfaces only important private placements in a deal size and industry agnostic fashion. All transactions are fully auditable, researched and contextualized in near real-time.

Yesterday alone, XDATA reported Sambazon’s $15 million and The Activity Exchange’s $6 million financing rounds which at the time were not broadcasted by the media.

A clients said it best:

“It is refreshing to know there is still research going on in this era of social firehose aggregation leading to error amplification and poor data differentiation among providers.”

For more information go to www.XDATA.co (That’s right .CO not .COM)

XDATA Presentation


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