Weekly activity report – VC & SMB raised $698 million this week

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“The activity of the VC & SMB market contracted with a growth rate that underperformed the overall Regulation D market.

VC and operating companies captured 13% of the overall funds raised via Regulation D, however they represented 34% of Form D filers during the seven days ending on June 5. Financial backers acquired 75 cents for each dollar offered, representing a decline of 22% for the period. Following a more stable trend, compliance scores on average reached 95.

During the week, the number of closed and partially closed financing rounds decreased by 31% to 159. Reg D issuers were much less bullish than before and offered the market $936 million worth of securities, a decline of 66%. Following a similar pattern, investors subscribed to much less, subscriptions shrank 74% to $698 million.”


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