XDATA is backed by tenured professionals who connect the dots. We wanted to offer pertinent news and research on burgeoning companies, their access to capital markets as well as to offer an efficient way to discover and monitor them.

Through Random Research XDATA shares some of the up-and-coming companies we find.

We did not re-invent the wheel, we started by offering a simple and smart alternative to Regulation D sources available.

We offer (for now) relevant, contextual and curated Reg D-based reporting services via straight to the point article.

Simple (for you).
Curated: we utilize a proprietary mixed machine/human filtering process to focus on what is relevant.
Crafted: patent-pending narrative algorithms to support an easy to read format.
Collected: historical “paper” filings to provide accurate fund raising estimates possible.
Relational: infrastructure was leveraged to analyse easily amendments, company attributes and relations.

Best-of-breed research brings clarity and insight.
We are deal size agnostic, this means complete market activity coverage.
Fund raising-based events, this means an efficient discovery of dynamic new companies.
Saves you time (or your intern to get coffee), that’s priceless…yet the service is surprisingly affordable.

Why use Regulation D?
It’s public, official and…regulated.
It’s the most comprehensive source of information documenting US SMBs activity.
It’s poised for growth.
It’s been under-utilized because under-estimated.



    • Random Research

      Hi Alex, thank you for contacting us, please let me know what article you would like to have removed and why. We are following registration D filings that are publicly available at the SEC. If your query is related to erroneous information you found in the article please let us know what needs to be corrected.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you very much.

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