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Weekly report – VC and operating companies captured 3.2% of the overall pool of money raised via Regulation D

XDATA_2014_LOGO_2__VECTORFree VC Weekly Report

During the seven day period, the Regulation D market contracted at a slightly faster pace both in terms of funds raised by issuers and number of transactions. The amount of money raised was propped by a small number of companies that raised unusually big financing rounds. Additionally, the activity of the VC & SMB market contracted with a fundraising and activity growth rates that underperformed the overall Regulation D market.

VC and operating companies captured 3.2% of the overall pool of money raised via Regulation D, however they accounted for 35% of Form D filers during the past seven days. Issuers collected 68 cents for each dollar offered, representing a decline of 14% for the period. Following a more stable trend, compliance scores on average reached 94.

45 issuers, or 31%, checked ” Other “ as industry when filing with the SEC. XDATA through its curating process narrowed it down to 26 or 6.9%.


$11.94 Bln raised in Q1 2016, XDATA releases activity report series

see the forestI am delighted to announce the release of a series of activity reports focusing on the VC & SMB financing market as well as 24h turnaround consulting service for clients who need custom activity reports based on issuers’ location, industry, custom time-frame and any other combination of attributes.

2016 Q1 activity report. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports are available for purchase on qbeats‘ platform.

The reports showcase XDATA’s normalized and curated content set based on Regulation D. They also leverage Yseop‘s natural language generation technology that enables us to provide unmatched market analytics while allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best: collect, normalize, curate, contextualize and provide a second life to a source of information that has been abused by data miners and that has been traditionally poorly leveraged by data providers.

While our Q1 2016 investment amount is right on the money with the NVCA’s MoneyTree Report ($11.94Bln vs. $12.1Bln), the most important is that our number of transactions is not (2.2K vs 1K) because our research process actually offers a more complete and unbiased view of the private SMB market than venture capital data sets that are based on unregulated information such as press release and therefore, fraught with inaccuracies. At the very least (and most importantly), we provide an alternative and a novel and fresh perspective to investment professionals and market participants.