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Free data has a cost…your time

A lot of websites churn up data extracted from registration D forms filed with the SEC and by doing so create a lot of content without substance or value which is a constant source of disappointment for those hoping to learn something new. It is after all a numbers game set by data consumers that are often more interested in the scope than the depth of the data, as depth and quality are much harder things to gauge as it requires knowledge and experience they may not have.

To think data is free because it is readily available on the internet could not be farther from the truth. It has a cost to providers who offset it by harvesting cost per impression (CPI), an ad business model that requires more content to drive more traffic to get even more CPI. And it has a cost to visitors who have been lured and end up spending time learning nothing new. Money can be replaced, time cannot.

Those I’ve heard over the years claiming that data became a commodity with no value, were right…but only in the specific case above.  None of them had experience researching data, little did they know how much value research could add. Research often provides context leading to data insight and transparency. In fact, the connections research creates make the data so clear that the result seems simplistic, if not trivial, to the untrained eye. It can be very simple, like connecting a registered company name with a trade name, yet very few do it properly…if at all. Search for “Experience Cisse” and see for yourself who took the time to do a little research.

cisse tradingCissé Trading Co. increased its mezzanine offering by 20% to $600,000 after ten new investors subscribed to an additional $140,000. The offering was launched in May 2012 and raised so far $497,500. The first securities were sold in June 2012, time at which the placement’s length changed from one year to indefinite.

The company markets Fair Trade and fully traceable hot cocoa and baking mixes. Cissé Trading sources its cocoa beans from FUNDOPO a fair trade certified and organic cooperative representing 1,500 cocoa farmers located in the Dominican Republic. The company’s baking mixes retail for $9 while the hot cocoa mixes are sold for $15. Products are available at select health food and gourmet stores in New York City and online.

Diana Lovett (Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer) leads the New York NY based company. Experience Cisse, Ltd. was registered in 2012 and does business as Cissé Trading Co.. Revenues were not disclosed. The executive team includes Rachael Styler (Sales and Marketing), Liz Creelman Patterson (Sales and Special Project Advisor), and Kelsey Hopping (Product Manager). The board of directors includes Marc Shedroff.

Offering recap:
Status: Second close
Company: Experience Cisse, Ltd.
Industry: Other
Amount offered: $600,000
Amount placed: $497,500
First Sale: 06/19/12

Now search for AlphiCom…