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$500,000 raised by Groupology as part of its mezzanine investment round

lifestreams technologiesGroupology (AKA Lifestreams Technologies Corp.) disclosed selling 25% of its non-brokered mezzanine financing. The company launched a $2 million investment round subscribed so far by seven investors. The subscription which raised $500,000 started two days ago. The offering will remain open until March 2015 while an additional $1.5 million worth of securities is sold to investors. The mezzanine offering’s estimated net proceeds will amount to $1.44 million which excludes $560,000 to be paid toward officers’ salaries. Unregistered securities don’t appear to have been previously sold by the company.

The company developed a mobile application (app) for college students to create “by-invitation” only private groups where members can exchange messages and chats, post events, documents, media, and to-dos lists almost instantly. Everything posted to the stream is seen by all members as a timeline with a past and a future, creating a narrative of group experience even as members change over time. The app is available for iOS.

The company, headquartered in New Haven CT, was registered in 2013. Revenues were not reported.
The executive team includes Daniel Gelernter and Piotr Prosol.
The board of directors includes David Gelernter, Eric Freeman, Jeffrey Samberg, Michael Satow and Trevor Hines.

Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Lifestreams Technologies
Industry: Computers
Amount offered: $2 million
Amount placed: $500,000
First sale: 03-31-2014
Data as of: 04-01-2014


Fundraising launched by Think Communications for $500,000 in equity

Think Communications, does business as THINKAboutCollege.net, is in the market with a $500,000 non-brokered equity offering. The offering is expected to close within a year. Think Communications didn’t close any previous offering on the US private placement market. The offering holds a senior secured position and offers an attractive estimated internal rate of return (IRR). The participating and convertible preferred shares carry an 8% dividend plus an aggregate 8% participation of net income. The minimum investment threshold per accredited investor stands at $10,000.

The company develops a patent pending social network exclusively focused on helping students, parents, counselors, and admission professionals reach their individual goals. The company started as an electronic media based publishing company focused on career and college readiness challenges which led to the development of a social network. The network is designed to be free for students, parents, and high schools through the financial support of local, regional, and national sponsors. The application is simple to navitage and offers advice needed to help users find the right place to learn, live, and make a sound investment. The company is currently looking for beta testers.

The company, headquartered in Interlochen MI, is led by James R. Brouwer (Founder & CEO). Think Communications elected not to disclose its revenues. The executive team includes Frank Burtnett (Editorial Content and Services).

Offering recap:
Status: Launched
Company: Think Communications
Industry: Business Services
Amount offered: $500,000
Amount placed: $0

$500,000 debt fundraising launched by digital college admissions recruiting app

CampuScene is in the market with a $500,000 non-brokered debt offering. The offering is expected to close within a year. The company hasn’t previously offered securities on the private placement market. The debt offering’s expected net proceeds will amount to $300,000 which excludes $200,000 to be paid toward officers’ salaries.

The company developed a website which allows colleges to create virtual tours, interactive maps, a mobile presence, and all the tools required to attract the modern, digitally-inclined applicant. By consolidating all these tools on a single platform for a single market, the company estimates its application (app) will cut the time and cost of interactive recruiting tools by at least half.

CampuScene, registered in 2013, is headquartered in Denver CO. It is led by David Meyer (Chief Executive Officer). Revenues on or below $1 million were reported by CampuScene for the latest fiscal year. The executive team includes Ryan Schwartz.

Offering recap:
Status: Launched
Company: Campuscene
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $500,000
Amount placed: $0