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High-end motocycle maker launched $1,000,000 equity fundraising

Confederate Motors, Inc. announced the launch of its $1,000,000 non-brokered equity offering. The main shareholders are Matthew H. Chambers (19.5% via RSC Affiliated Businesses LLC), Nazir Mohammed Parker (18.8% via Oldenway Limited I & II), Francois-Xavier Terny (6%) and Barclays Capital, Inc. (5.1%). It is the second time this year the company is seeking capital for expansion and boost production. It reported net revenue of $2,561,260 for 2012 compared to $1,933,612 for 2011.

The company designs and makes high-end motorcycles which start at $55,000. The company plans on shipping around 100 motocycles in 2013 following a recent relocation. The production line consists of the X132 Hellcat, the R131 Fighter and the B120 Wraith.

Confederate Motors, Inc. is headquartered in Birmingham AL. The company was founded by Matthew H. Chambers (CEO) in May 2005.


Novel pharmaceutical manufacturing company raised $265,000 via mezzanine offering

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc., raised 52% of its expected $500,000 mezzanine offering. Ten investors participated to the direct offering.

CONTINUUS is an early stage pharmaceutical manufacturing company that will apply new state-of-the-art small-scale process technologies that can be integrated into a seamless manufacturing process. This represents a major shift from the current batch and step-by-step industry standard. In other words it enables “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with major advantages in lead time, quality, and above 30% in cost reduction. The company’s technology allows to manufacture a finished product in two days using a single facility ten times smaller than the existing “batch” plants.

The company, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a spin-out of the Novartis-MIT center for continuous manufacturing. It was founded by Salvatore Mascia (CEO) in January 2012. Bayan Takizawa is head of development and operations.