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Space mining company Planetary Resources raises $12.2 million from sixteen backers

XDATA – October 20th 2015
So far sixteen investors participated to Planetary Resources‘ $19.99 million non-brokered financing round. Financial backers bought, on October 6th, 61% of the offering or $12.23 million worth of equity. $7.76 million in additional funding can be raised before October 2016 based on the placement’s structure. It appears to be the first time the company is filling a security offering under a registration exemption.
The company is focused on conducting low-cost robotic space exploration beginning with the Arkyd series of space missions that will identify the most commercially viable near-Earth asteroids. These initial missions will assist the company in enabling the retrieval of raw materials from these select asteroids, including water, precious metals and more. Financial backers include Larry Page, Eric Schmidt and Ross Perot Jr.
The company, headquartered in Redmond WA, is led by Eric Anderson (Chairman). Planetary Resources elected to keep its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Chris Lewicki, Joseph Landon and Michael Murray.
The board of directors includes Bryan Johnson and Peter Diamandis.
Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Planetary Resources
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $19.99 million
Amount placed: $12.23 million
SEC filing: Source
First sale: 10-06-2015
Data as of: 10-20-2015


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RDXgeo launched $40 million mezzanine financing

RDXgeo RDXgeo is in the market with a $40 million non-brokered mezzanine placement. The placement, which hasn’t started to sell, is structured to close in October 2015 or once the placement is fully subscribed. This is the first time the company is filling a security offering under a registration exemption with the SEC.

The company is engaged in mineral exploration with a focus on copper and gold porphyry projects. It has positioned itself as a resource and joint venture partner in numerous projects with major mining companies, domestically in Arizona, Utah, Nevada and internationally, in Russia, Chile, and Colombia.

The company was registered in 2013 and has its headquarters located in Overland Park KS. RDXgeo kept its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Thomas E Bowens and Timothy E Isaacs.

Offering recap
Status: Launched
Company: RDXgeo
Industry: Other
Amount offered: $40 million
Data as of: 10-20-2014

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Passport Potash re-opened and upped its offering cap to receive $1.03 million in commitments

Change: offered +45% / raised +15% / placed 79%

passport potashPassport Potash re-opened and upped its mezzanine financing to $1.3 million from $899,000 after selling additional securities. Prior investors ponied up an additional $135,000. They had previously subscribed to $899,000 in securities according to another filing disclosed in March 2013. So far, five backers committed $1.03 million to Passport Potash’s offering. The private placement’s expected net proceeds will amount to $1.29 million, excluding $16,000 paid in brokerage fees by the company. The offering is structured as indefinite and will remain open until fully subscribed. The company closed six unregistered private placements which raised an estimated $26.48 million. The company has been re-structuring its debt and common share capital lately. Passport Potash trades on the OTC under ticker “PPRTF” and on the TSX under ticker “PPI”.

The company discovers, acquires and develops potash properties. Passport Potash owns 81,000 acres in the Holbrook Basin in Arizona. Potash is a key ingredient in fertilizers.

The company, headquartered in Vancouver Canada, is led by Joshua Bleak (President and CEO). Passport Potash kept its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Bill Allred, David Salisbury, John Eckersley and Michael X Schlumpberger.
The board of directors includes Ali Rahimtula and Frank Hogel.

The company has raised an estimated total of $27.52 million via private unregistered security offerings.

Offering recap
Status: Intermediary close
Company: Passport Potash
Industry: Other
Amount offered: $1.3 million
Amount placed: $1.03 million
First sale: 02-19-2013
Data as of: 03-31-2014

BitCoin mining chip designer closes $641,700 equity financing round

Late filer HashFast reported raising $641,700 in equity in late June from seven investors. This is the first time the company is disclosing tapping into the US private placement market.

HashFast is a designer of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). Its particular use is for the mining of the digital currency known as BitCoin. The fabless semiconductor company developed the Golden Nonce microprocessor which performs more than 400 Ghash per second. BitCoin uses a hash algorithm to generate verifiable random numbers in a way that requires a predictable amount of CPU effort. A user generating a hash with a value less than the current target solves a block (data is permanently recorded in the BitCoin network through files called blocks) and wins the user coins.

HashFast, headquartered in San Jose CA, was founded in 2013 by Edward de Castro and Simon Barber. The executive team includes John Skrodenis and Peter Smith. The company elected not to disclose its revenues though according to a post on the Genesis Block, HashFast would have sold around $3 million worth of BitCoin mining hardware.

Offering recap:
Status: Closed
Company: HashFast
Amount offered: $641,643
Amount sold: $641,643
First sale: 06/28/13