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Palantir Technologies filed $165.12 million in additional commitments

Change: offered +59% / raised +59% / placed 100%

XDATA – September 12th 2014

palentirIn a document filed with the SEC, Palantir Technologies reported placing an additional $165.12 million worth of equity securities. The company had previously disclosed raising $279.07 million. So far a total of fifty-three investors acquired $444.18 million worth of securities. The private placement’s expected net proceeds amounts to $424.18 million which excludes $20 million paid in brokerage fees. The offering is structured to close in the last couple of months at the latest. It was filed under security registration exemption rule 506 for which there is no fundraising cap. The company closed twelve unregistered private placements which raised an estimated $660.63 million. The $50 million financing round amount published by Fortune’s Dan Primack (444-(279+111)=54), shows how difficult it is to relate Form D’s amendments to one another and their original filing, even by tenured professionals as Mr. Primack.

Palantir Technologies develops and markets big data analytics platforms. The company’s Gotham product allows enterprise to integrate, manage, secure, analyze and visualize all their data. The Metropolis product is designed to integrate, enrich, model, and analyze any kind of quantitative data.

The company is headquartered in Palo Alto CA. Palantir Technologies elected to keep its revenues undisclosed.
The executive team includes Alexander Karp, Colin Anderson, Nathan Gettings and Stephen Cohen.
The board of directors includes Peter Thiel.

The company has raised an estimated total of $1.1 billion via private unregistered security offerings.

Here is for the research:
Based on the info disclosed to the SEC, about $165 million worth of equity securities was issued (it may include a portion related to conversion of debt into equity but it is not specified in the filing). It was filed under registration exemption rule 506 for which there is no fundraising cap, the offering’s date of first sale is 11/20/13. The doc is an amendment to amendment doc 000132165514000002 (filed 02/02/14) which reported $279 million issued. 444-279=165. The original filing of this offering is 000132165513000003 (filed 12/05/13) which reported $57.5 million issued.
The $111 million disclosed also on 02/02/14 (000132165514000001) are not related to this present offering and were sold on 06/28/13., it points to original filing 000132165513000001 filed 06/28/13.

Offering recap
Status: On-going
Company: Palantir Technologies
Industry: Other Technology
Amount offered: $444.18 million
Amount placed: $444.18 million
First sale: 11-20-2013
Data as of: 09-12-2014

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