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Weekly report – subscriptions in VC & SMBs rocketed 18% to $834 million

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“The average financing round gathered by seed stage companies was stable and reached $1 million. Investors increased their subscriptions to $58 million via 43 closed and partially closed placements. Seed stage Reg D offerings accounted for 23% of the issuances and 6.9% of the money raised. The average compliance score for companies falling into this development stage bracket stood at 96.
Analysis: the activity of seed stage issuers expanded, however their fundraising growth was below the overall SMB market benchmark.”

Biotech companies sold 51% of their planned issuances, a steep decline from 114%. Slightly smaller private placement transactions typified the period. On average, they eased by $158,804 to $1 million. Investors subscribed to $24 million worth of securities (up 101%) via 18 Reg D offerings (up 125%). Biotech companies were behind 2.8% of the money raised during the seven days ending on June 12, and were a negligible market participant in terms of amount raised. Issuers saw their compliance score drop to 92 from 99.”

New York-headquartered companies funneled 8.7% of the pool of money available to VC-backed and operating companies and accounted for 7.5% of the activity. Financing targets set by issuers were 95% met. They captured 13 cents more for each dollar offered. Reg D issuers on average collected more money per security issuance than before. The average financing size went up by $1 million to $5 million. 15 private placement transactions were launched, eventually gathering $72 million (up from $51 million) via 14 fundraising events. Companies saw their compliance score go down to 90 from 95.
Analysis: the activity in the State of New York expanded, however the growth of funds raised outperformed the market.”

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