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Weekly report – subscriptions in VC & SMBs increased to $1.89 billion


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During the past seven days, the Regulation D market expanded at a faster pace in terms of transactions while the pool of money raised grew at milder rate. Furthermore, the activity of the VC & SMB market expanded at a slower pace than the overall Regulation D market, though fundraising growth outpaced it.

Last week, the number of fundraising transactions increased by 15% to 223. Reg D issuers were significantly more bullish than before and offered the market $2.34 billion worth of securities, an improvement of 91%. Charting a similar path, investors purchased much more, subscriptions rocketed 122% to $1.89 billion.


Weekly report – subscriptions in VC & SMBs rocketed 18% to $834 million

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“The average financing round gathered by seed stage companies was stable and reached $1 million. Investors increased their subscriptions to $58 million via 43 closed and partially closed placements. Seed stage Reg D offerings accounted for 23% of the issuances and 6.9% of the money raised. The average compliance score for companies falling into this development stage bracket stood at 96.
Analysis: the activity of seed stage issuers expanded, however their fundraising growth was below the overall SMB market benchmark.”

Biotech companies sold 51% of their planned issuances, a steep decline from 114%. Slightly smaller private placement transactions typified the period. On average, they eased by $158,804 to $1 million. Investors subscribed to $24 million worth of securities (up 101%) via 18 Reg D offerings (up 125%). Biotech companies were behind 2.8% of the money raised during the seven days ending on June 12, and were a negligible market participant in terms of amount raised. Issuers saw their compliance score drop to 92 from 99.”

New York-headquartered companies funneled 8.7% of the pool of money available to VC-backed and operating companies and accounted for 7.5% of the activity. Financing targets set by issuers were 95% met. They captured 13 cents more for each dollar offered. Reg D issuers on average collected more money per security issuance than before. The average financing size went up by $1 million to $5 million. 15 private placement transactions were launched, eventually gathering $72 million (up from $51 million) via 14 fundraising events. Companies saw their compliance score go down to 90 from 95.
Analysis: the activity in the State of New York expanded, however the growth of funds raised outperformed the market.”

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$11.94 Bln raised in Q1 2016, XDATA releases activity report series

see the forestI am delighted to announce the release of a series of activity reports focusing on the VC & SMB financing market as well as 24h turnaround consulting service for clients who need custom activity reports based on issuers’ location, industry, custom time-frame and any other combination of attributes.

2016 Q1 activity report. Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports are available for purchase on qbeats‘ platform.

The reports showcase XDATA’s normalized and curated content set based on Regulation D. They also leverage Yseop‘s natural language generation technology that enables us to provide unmatched market analytics while allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best: collect, normalize, curate, contextualize and provide a second life to a source of information that has been abused by data miners and that has been traditionally poorly leveraged by data providers.

While our Q1 2016 investment amount is right on the money with the NVCA’s MoneyTree Report ($11.94Bln vs. $12.1Bln), the most important is that our number of transactions is not (2.2K vs 1K) because our research process actually offers a more complete and unbiased view of the private SMB market than venture capital data sets that are based on unregulated information such as press release and therefore, fraught with inaccuracies. At the very least (and most importantly), we provide an alternative and a novel and fresh perspective to investment professionals and market participants.

Visible.vc raised 33% of its equity financing

visiblevcAccording to information disclosed by Visible.vc, $250,000 was subscribed by one investor on October 9th 2014. Visible.vc capped the non-brokered equity financing at $750,000. The offering will remain open until October 2015 while an additional $500,000 worth of securities is sold to investors. The company doesn’t appear to have previously sold securities under a registration exemption with the SEC.

Visible.vc markets an investor relation management platform for entrepreneurs and professional investors in the venture capital and private equity space. The platform enables users to track and report on the performance of their individual and aggregate investments and provides portfolio companies tools to simplify investor communication, capitalization table management, and ongoing performance tracking.

Visible.vc, registered in 2014, is headquartered in Indianapolis IN. It is led by Michael Preuss (President). Revenues were not disclosed.
The executive team includes Brad Wisler, Kristian Andersen, Michael Fitzgerald and Michael Preus.
The board of directors includes John Stokes.

Offering recap
Status: First close
Company: Visible.vc
Industry: Other
Amount offered: $750,000
Amount placed: $250,000
First sale: 10-09-2014
Data as of: 10-09-2014

For more information visit www.XDATA.co